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摘要| Where the heart is, wherever we go——The Eastern House Serviced Apartment has won CHA China Hotel Awards for two consecutive years

  Where the heart is, wherever we go——The Eastern House Serviced Apartment has won CHA China Hotel Awards for two consecutive years

  2021年3月18日,第十届CHA中国酒店大奖颁奖盛典在北京王府半岛酒店隆重举行。“CHA中国酒店大奖”迄今已举办九届,是大中华区域最著名的酒店大奖之一,是中国旅游住宿业精英、旅游传媒人士的盛大聚会。方恒 I 龙湖冠寓東迎坊服务式公寓在全国知名高端中外酒店与服务式公寓的激烈竞争中脱颖而出,连续两届荣获CHA中国酒店大奖“年度最佳服务式公寓奖”。

  On March 18, 2021, the 10th CHA China Hotel Awards Ceremony was grandly held at The Peninsula Beijing. The "CHA China Hotel Awards" has been annually held for the last nine years. It is one of the most famous hotel awards in the Greater China region. It is a grand gathering of elites in China's travel accommodation industry and travel media professionals. The Eastern House Serviced Apartment stood out in the fierce competition between well-known high-end Chinese and foreign hotels and serviced apartments in the country, and won the “Best Serviced Apartment of the Year Award” at the CHA China Hotel Awards for two consecutive years.




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  The Eastern House Serviced Apartment opened in March 2019, which gained mindshare relying on its unique new Chinese design, innovation and management capabilities, customer satisfaction and other leading advantages. After strict selection, it was finally selected from many participating companies. This annual award selection is not only an evaluation of the overall level of the apartment, but also a positive feedback on the top domestic serviced apartments. The Eastern House's winning is well deserved, which fully verified the industry's affirmation and recognition of The Eastern House serviced apartments. In the future, it will still spare no effort to deepen the market of quality serviced apartments, and gain more and more industry and customer recognition through meticulous management and services.


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  In this selection, The Eastern House Serviced Apartment, located on Gongti West Road in the central area of Beijing, is the only serviced apartment located in the bustling urban center of Beijing Longfor. Its rooms are perfect combination of classical Chinese aesthetics and modern minimalist design, The unique Chinese-style lobby and the ubiquitous oriental elements provide guests with the ultimate comfort. Whether it is the pleasant scenery surrounding the apartment or the personalized service provided to the guests, it will make the guests linger. “The best architecture is like this. We live in it, but we don’t feel where nature ends and where art begins.” The “tranquility” of The Eastern House and the “bustle” of Sanlitun seem to be incompatible with each other. However, when the new Chinese aesthetics meets the frolic night, it blends naturally.



  In this hidden paradise, The Eastern House Serviced Apartment will create an unforgettable life experience for every guest. This award is defiantly well deserved.


  龙湖冠寓通过对产品和服务的不断深耕,对精益化运营和管理的持续提升,在短短4年的发展中得到了客户和行业的认可。此外,龙湖冠寓致力于推进行业标准化,体系化,成为首批参与***行业标准编制的企业。截至目前,冠寓在京布局12个项目,目前已与阿里巴巴、保洁,中科院等多家知名企业开展合作,服务企业员工 1000余人,全面助力城市人才安居。未来,还将和更多的地产集团合作,强强联手、并将结合本土商务精英人士的生活需求,以优质智慧运营理念为商务及精英人士带来更多定制式体验,打造成中国服务式公寓行业的新旗舰品牌。

  Through continuous deep cultivation of products and services, and continuous improvement of lean operation and management, Longfor Goyoo has been recognized by customers and the industry in just four years of development. In addition, it continued to promote industry standardization and systematization, and made Longfor the first batch of enterprises to participate in the formulation of national industry standards. Up to now, Longfor Goyoo has deployed 12 projects in Beijing, and has cooperated with many well-known companies such as Alibaba, Procter & Gamble, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc., serving more than 1,000 employees and fully helping urban talents to settle down. In the future, Beijing Goyoo  will also cooperate with more real estate groups, and combine the life needs of local business elites, bring more customized experiences to customers with high-quality intelligent  concepts, to build The new flagship brand in China's hotel serviced apartment industry.




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